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Frequently Asked Questions

This frequently asked questions section of the EMS user guide is designed to constantly evolve as common queries crop up. New queries will be added to the list below and uploaded onto the Download Area of the EMS.

Who else can see the information about the athletes?
- Competition Management
- Medical Staff
- SES and YST Event Managers

Who do I contact for policy questions?
The single point of contact from your sport's NGB

Athletics Karen Forbes
Canoeing Howard Blackman
Cricket Diana Lewis
Cycling Joe Malik
Hockey Neil McGuigan
Laser Run Rachael Handley
Netball Ian Holloway
Rowing James Andrews
Triathlon Sophie Lewis
Wheelchair Basketball Laurence Shenker
Wheelchair Tennis Liz Terry

I am a Young Volunteer who do I contact for assistance?
Please contact Izzy Perry at Youth Sport Trust

Who do I contact for problems uploading photos?
Please forward photo upload problems to School Games Enquiries

What if I don't have a passport?
If you do not have a passport, please contact your Team Manager or Single Point of Contact. Please let us know as soon as possible so we can ensure this does not affect your registration and attendance to the School Games.

Who do I contact for technical questions?
- Click on the Help link on the menu
- Type a subject heading and message which will then be sent to the EMS support team

How do I resend the password to an athlete?
- Use the My Participants button on the menu to find the athlete
- Click on the key symbol in the Action column and select if you wish a new password to be generated. An email we then be sent to the participant

I have forgotten my password and user name, what do I do?
- Please contact your sport's single point of contact who would have registered you and should have a copy of your details